Refrigeration Service

JB Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can fix any cooling problem, outflow, loud noise, or malfunctioning of the compressor and other parts of your refrigerator. We service all brands and types of refrigerators. We have trained and skilled technicians who have completed thousand of refrigeration repair services throughout the time. We are your best, most trusted choice for refrigerator repairs, no matter what brand you have, or from where you bought it.

Condenser coils are the most important part to examine occasionally by professionals. They are located usually under the unit. If these coils get too much dust, dirt, or fur, the machine may not cool appropriately. Also, the compressor, thermostat, air vents, and water filter are some important parts that need your attention from time to time.

Some useful tips to keep your cooling device work effectively for a long time:

  • Keep the thermostat settings normal
  • Not to block air vents and air circulation with food and groceries
  • Change water filter and clean condenser coils regularly

The cost of refrigerator repair

When you need to fix your cooling device, the repairing cost is one of the vital considerations for you. The cost varies depending on the brand and problems of the machine. You may need to repair or replace any part of the machine. For example, while a compressor replacement is highly expensive, replacing the heating sensor is less costly.

Refrigerator repair services may vary from type to type. Common problems include leaking and malfunctioning of water dispensers and ice makers. Wine refrigerators work excellent at optimal temperatures. Don’t keep consistent temperature levels in wine coolers. Refrigerators used in the garage must endure a wide range of temperatures, ensure that your cooling appliance is working extra hard and keeping contents cool in the hot summer and during cold winter months. Call our Lismore technicians or make an online appointment to fix your issues.

Common problems that need a repair service:

  • Making strange noises
  • Sealed door or torn door gasket
  • Leak in the refrigerator
  • The compressor is not working
  • It is not making ice anymore
  • There is no water in the dispenser
  • Too much use of power

We offer regular refrigerator maintenance packages to save both money and time. To avoid costly malfunctioning of your cooling appliance, saving energy costs, and extending the life of your refrigerator, call our certified and experienced technicians.